A Survey of the Old Testament, 4th Edition

A Survey of the Old Testament, 4th Edition

Andrew E. Hill, John H. Walton
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  • 9780310114178
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  • December 20, 2024
  • Old Testament; Biblical Studies

About the Authors

Andrew E. Hill

Andrew E. Hill

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Andrew E. Hill is professor of Old Testament studies at Wheaton College in Illinois. He is the coauthor with John Walton of A Survey of the Old Testament and the author of Malachi in the Anchor Bible commentary series. His articles have appeared in such scholarly publications as Hebrew Annual Review, Journal of Biblical Literature, and Vetus Testamentum

John H. Walton

John H. Walton

Ph.D., Hebrew Union College

John H. Walton teaches Old Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School. He is the author or coauthor of several books, including Chronological and Background Charts of the Old Testament; Ancient Israelite Literature in Its Cultural Context; Covenant: God’s Purpose, God’s Plan; The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament; and A Survey of the Old Testament.


An indispensable guide for exploring the literary, historical, and theological issues behind the Old Testament.

The fourth edition of this classic text brings with it a renewed focus on purpose, theology, and message of the Old Testament in a more succinct and more inviting size for students. It provides introductory chapters for each major section of the Old Testament, as well as chapters dealing with issues of interpretation, hermeneutics, theology, geography, archaeology, history, formation of the Old Testament canon, and the Old Testament’s relationship to the New Testament.

For each book of the Old Testament, Hill and Walton address:

  • Outline of the Book
  • Composition of the Text
  • Background
  • Purpose and Message
  • Structure and Organization
  • Major Themes

Complete with updated full-color maps, photos, timelines, charts, study and discussion questions, and recommendations for further reading, the latest edition of this widely acclaimed textbook is a useful and readable tool for students and self-learners who wish to better understand the Old Testament and God’s plans and purposes that it unfolds.

Table of Contents

  • Abbreviations

  • Preface

  • Acknowledgments

  • Using This Book

  • Part I: Introduction

  • 1. Approaching the Old Testament (JHW)

  • 2. Geography of the Old Testament (AEH)

  • Part II: The Pentateuch

  • 3. Introduction to the Pentateuch (AEH)

  • 4. Genesis (JHW)

  • 5. Exodus (AEH)

  • 6. Leviticus (AEH)

  • 7. Numbers (AEH)

  • 8. Deuteronomy (JHW)

  • 9. Historical Overview of Old Testament Times (JHW)

  • Part III: The Historical Books

  • 10. Introduction to the Historical Books (JHW)

  • 11. Joshua (JHW)

  • 12. Judges (JHW)

  • 13. Ruth (JHW)

  • 14. 1–2 Samuel (JHW)

  • 15. 1–2 Kings (AEH)

  • 16. 1–2 Chronicles (AEH)

  • 17. Ezra–Nehemiah (AEH)

  • 18. Esther (JHW)

  • 19. Archaeology and the Old Testament

  • Part IV: The Poetic Books

  • 20. Hebrew Poetic and Wisdom Literature (AEH)

  • 21. Job (JHW)

  • 22. Psalms (JHW)

  • 23. Proverbs (AEH)

  • 24. Ecclesiastes (JHW)

  • 25. Song of Songs (AEH)

  • 26. Formation of the Old Testament Scriptures (AEH)

  • Part V: The Prophets

  • 27. Introduction to Prophetic Literature (JHW)

  • 28. Isaiah (JHW)

  • 29. Jeremiah (JHW)

  • 30. Lamentations (AEH)

  • 31. Ezekiel (AEH)

  • 32. Daniel (JHW)

  • 33. Hosea (AEH)

  • 34. Joel (JHW)

  • 35. Amos (AEH)

  • 36. Obadiah (AEH)

  • 37. Jonah (JHW)

  • 38. Micah (JHW)

  • 39. Nahum (JHW)

  • 40. Habakkuk (JHW)

  • 41. Zephaniah (JHW)

  • 42. Haggai (AEH)

  • 43. Zechariah (AEH)

  • 44. Malachi (AEH)

  • Part VI: Epilogue

  • 45. What We Have Learned (JHW)

  • 46. Responding to God (AEH)

  • 47. The Journey to Jesus (AEH)

  • Glossary

  • Index


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