Church Plantology

Church Plantology

The Art and Science of Planting Churches
Peyton Jones
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  • April 20, 2021
  • Pastoral Ministry & Leadership

About the Authors

Peyton Jones

Peyton Jones

Peyton Jones has served as a master church planting trainer for the North American Mission Board, the content director of Exponential, and co-host of the Church Planter Podcast. A bivocational planter for over two decades, Jones has planted churches in the open air at Long Beach and in Starbucks in Europe. Jones is the founder of the New Breed Church Planting Training Network. A former evangelist at Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s church Sandfields, he earned his master’s in theology from Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Jones actively trains and coaches bivocational planters and lives near San Diego with his wife and two children.


The first comprehensive textbook on effective church planting from a veteran church planter.

The Apostle Paul was a veteran church planter who "laid a foundation like a wise and master builder" and there is much we can learn from his example. Paul indicated that there were basic skills and experiences required to successfully plant a church. Church Plantology examines the wide variety of church planting methods and ideologies in contemporary pastoral practice and outlines a biblical model based on the New Testament.

During his time in prison, Paul spent much of his time writing to Titus, Timothy, and others who'd served alongside him in the trenches to complete their training as church plantings. We can continue to apply these time-tested, proven methods, following the pioneering example of the early church.

Today, the casualty rate in is high. What if we could reduce the odds of failing? Church Plantology by Peyton Jones is a robust guide to planting that will help planters to provide the foundation necessary to survive beyond the initial first years so that they don't end up a walking statistic.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword

  • Introduction

    • 1. What Is Church Plantology?

    • Rediscovering First-Century-Style Ministry: From Church Starting to Church Planting

    • 2. The Planter’s Rookie Mistakes
    • 3. The Biblical Patterns of Planting

    • Rediscovering Apostolic Ministry: From Moses’s Model to Missionary Multiplication

    • 4. The Planter’s Gifting
    • 5. The Planter’s Character and Health

    • Rediscovering Team Leadership: From Top-Down Leadership to Embodying Christ on Mission

    • 6. Team Leadership
    • 7. Functions of the Planter’s Team

    • Rediscovering Apostolic Strike Teams (Fist Leadership): From Solo Performer to Catalyzing Teams

    • 8. Strike Teams
    • 9. Church Planting Drives and Burdens

    • Rediscovering God’s Heart for Mission: From Borrowed Models to Broken-Hearted Compulsion

    • 10. Mission, Values, and Strategy
    • 11. Culture and Contextualization

    • Rediscovering First-Century Participation: From Solo Performers to Team Mobilizers

    • 12. Discipleship as a Lifestyle
    • 13. Church Planting Models

    • Rediscovering the Spirit’s Empowering: From Fake Bravado to Spiritual Power

    • 14. Spiritual Dynamics of Church Planting
    • 15. Discovering, Developing, and Deploying the Gifts

    • Rediscovering Church as Mission: From Scattering on Mission to Gathering on Mission

    • 16. Scattering on Mission
    • 17. Gathering on Mission

    • Rediscovering Reproducible Sustainability: From Fully Funded to Apostolically Agile

    • 18. Funding Church Planting
    • 19. Gospel Patrons and Partnerships

    • Rediscovering Kingdom Collaboration Networks for Multiplication: From Building Upward to Spreading Outward

  • Conclusion

  • Acknowledgments

  • Bibliography

  • Scripture Index

  • Subject Index


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